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Chat from June 17th

*LMAO* This was so funny.

CoatrackFlirtJen: *takes Ben's sideburns and throws them out the window*

Elvis4gold02: *cries*
Elvis4gold02: Help people! come on!
Elvis4gold02: BRANDON!
Elvis4gold02: help me!
Elvis4gold02: *tackles jennifer*
CoatrackFlirtJen: Nope He's on my side!
muffinboy79: What?
Elvis4gold02: he said he was on my side!
muffinboy79: *hides*
muffinboy79: I'm on my own side!
Elvis4gold02: is that even the right dude?
CoatrackFlirtJen: :-P Ben the sideburns are gone.
CutieDancerJams: Yes
CutieDancerJams: It is
CutieDancerJams: I read a book about it once
CutieDancerJams: Historical fiction
CutieDancerJams: Called Finishing Becca
Elvis4gold02: thanks jams
CutieDancerJams: Welcome. I can quote shakespere if you're interested.
CutieDancerJams: *cracks up*
Elvis4gold02: noooo
CutieDancerJams: You know I wouldn't do that to you.

shelin329: i can read the pregnacny.com website again
Elvis4gold02: thanks Jamie
Elvis4gold02: oh god now
CutieDancerJams: Welcome Benjamin
Elvis4gold02: no*
CutieDancerJams: LOL!
Elvis4gold02: no more telling me that something is in my uterine wall
Elvis4gold02: that was scary
muffinboy79: pregnancy.com
muffinboy79: Dude..you have a uterine wall?

Elvis4gold02: hey Jamie. i don't even remember the last time someone called me benjamin

CutieDancerJams: I should call you that.
CutieDancerJams: No..
shelin329: I love it!
CutieDancerJams: Wait
CutieDancerJams: Bennie
CutieDancerJams: That's right
Elvis4gold02: yeah
CutieDancerJams: I'm calling you Bennie now.
CutieDancerJams: *cracks up*
muffinboy79: Bennie?
muffinboy79: *FOCLMAO*
muffinboy79: Bennie....

Elvis4gold02: whats wrong with bennie? thats what i was called when i was 7
CutieDancerJams: Case in point
muffinboy79: yeah dude but you were seven

Elvis4gold02: whats wrong with being seven?
muffinboy79: nothing but you were Bennie then
CutieDancerJams: When you're seven, you don't like to kiss girls
CoatrackFlirtJen: I didn't know there was a wrong way. I've always played it right
shelin329: I have too
shelin329: *plays this little piggie with Jen*
Elvis4gold02: actually, when i was seven my mom cought me kissing some girl in the back yard
muffinboy79: Dude!
CoatrackFlirtJen: *cracks up* wiggles her toes
muffinboy79: You dog!
Elvis4gold02: dog??
CutieDancerJams: Ben...*shakes head*

CutieDancerJams: LOL, you were a player when you were 7

CutieDancerJams: *focl*
Elvis4gold02: of course i was
Elvis4gold02: i've always been a playa
CoatrackFlirtJen: *wiggles her toes* look what I can do!
CutieDancerJams: Oh dear lord.
shelin329: me too!
CutieDancerJams: *hides*
muffinboy79: Little Bennie the p lay
muffinboy79: a
muffinboy79: Broke all the girl's hearts in the neighborhood
Elvis4gold02: they didn't care if i kissed the other girl as long as i kissed them too
CutieDancerJams: Don't break my heart or I'll shave your whole ehad
CutieDancerJams: *head
CutieDancerJams: Yeah right ben. *snorts*
Elvis4gold02: i won't
muffinboy79: my oint
Elvis4gold02: i like my hair
Elvis4gold02: your oint?
muffinboy79: Yeah and my point too
CoatrackFlirtJen: stop calling me JENNIFER!!!!
Elvis4gold02: WHY?
muffinboy79: you kissed all the girls dude
Elvis4gold02: its your name aint it?
CoatrackFlirtJen: *takes Ben's sideburns and burns them*
Elvis4gold02: whats wrong with kissing all the girls?
Elvis4gold02: nooooooooooooooooooooo
CutieDancerJams: *high fives jen*
Elvis4gold02: :'(
CoatrackFlirtJen: now you're really not going to get the back
CutieDancerJams: Nothings wrong with it...it'
CutieDancerJams: s just funny
CutieDancerJams: when you're seven
muffinboy79: Nothing
CutieDancerJams: When I was seven I thought boys had cooties
CutieDancerJams: Hehe
muffinboy79: At least I waited until i was eight

shelin329: Boys did have cooties

Elvis4gold02: ewwwwwww
CoatrackFlirtJen: they did!
CutieDancerJams: I think they still do
shelin329: Some do
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah Ben has some
CutieDancerJams: Certain ones.
Elvis4gold02: i do not!
muffinboy79: i dont have cooties
CutieDancerJams: *makes note to self:must get ben uncootied*
CoatrackFlirtJen: no Bran you don't
muffinboy79: Thank you jen
Elvis4gold02: how do you uncootie someone?
Elvis4gold02: *is scared*
CutieDancerJams: I don't know.
muffinboy79: Sounds painful
CutieDancerJams: LOL...
CutieDancerJams: I can figure it out though
muffinboy79: Also sounds like a movie
CoatrackFlirtJen: I dunno Ben but you can't grow sideburns anymore and that makes me happy
CutieDancerJams: I think it all relates back to closets. ;-)
Elvis4gold02: yes i can
Elvis4gold02: oh gosh
CoatrackFlirtJen: no closet!
CutieDancerJams: *cracks up*
muffinboy79: The Decootifiing of Ben Agosto

CutieDancerJams: I wouldn't do that to him, don't worry.
Elvis4gold02: not that i was wearing them to begin with...

CutieDancerJams: Keep your pants on,please
Elvis4gold02: ;-)
CutieDancerJams: BEN!
muffinboy79: DUDE!
CutieDancerJams: *dies*
Elvis4gold02: don't you just love being my roommate?
muffinboy79: I really didn't need to know that you weren't waring pants!
Elvis4gold02: well, at least now you know not to come in here
CutieDancerJams: Ben.
shelin329: Okay..any more of no pants Elvis and i'm discussing my uterine wall
CutieDancerJams: Put
CutieDancerJams: Your
CutieDancerJams: pants
CutieDancerJams: on
Elvis4gold02: why?
CoatrackFlirtJen: me too Shae
Elvis4gold02: why does the world think pants are necessary?
CutieDancerJams: Oh lord..these are the great mysteries of life
Elvis4gold02: its true!
Elvis4gold02: what if we all just walked around naked?
CutieDancerJams: Just put them on, okay?
CutieDancerJams: Ben?
muffinboy79: psh
Elvis4gold02: or guys wore skirts. hmmmmmmm
muffinboy79: There you go
CutieDancerJams: FIne
CutieDancerJams: Wear a skirt
CoatrackFlirtJen: Ben can not go naked!!!
muffinboy79: okay..Ben you must wear pants
shelin329: Ben..we don't want to see "little Elvis"
CutieDancerJams: Shae!
CutieDancerJams: *LMAO*
CoatrackFlirtJen: LOL Little Elvis!!
Elvis4gold02: GOD SAHE
shelin329: So put on your pants!
Elvis4gold02: SHAE
muffinboy79: *cracks up*
Elvis4gold02: 1) it isn't little
muffinboy79: She got you dude
CutieDancerJams: BEN!
Elvis4gold02: 2) i never said i wasn't wearing boxers
muffinboy79: Damn
CoatrackFlirtJen: Oh god Ben stop it right there!
CutieDancerJams: Not the elvis ones. Please
Elvis4gold02: 3) your giving them worse pictures than i was
muffinboy79: I really didn't need to know that
Elvis4gold02: oh well
CoatrackFlirtJen: BEN STOP!
Elvis4gold02: now you do
CutieDancerJams: *runs the elvis boxers up the flag pole at the DSC again*
Elvis4gold02: i'm not shy
Elvis4gold02: I'm proud of my boxers
Elvis4gold02: I'm elvis patriotic
CutieDancerJams: Oddly enough, I've already heard about little elvis...because ben was on crack the other night
muffinboy79: oh man
Elvis4gold02: WHAT?
CutieDancerJams: I'm so stealing those boxers and you so are not getting them back
Elvis4gold02: when?
Elvis4gold02: what?
Elvis4gold02: how?
Elvis4gold02: WHAT?
CutieDancerJams: You don't remember...
Elvis4gold02: no
shelin329: What happened to Dave?
CutieDancerJams: I'll tell you in IMs
Elvis4gold02: ok
Pair Skater DJP: I'm right here
CoatrackFlirtJen: SO Shae how's.... life
shelin329: it's life
Elvis4gold02: *remembers*
Pair Skater DJP: Life is fun
CutieDancerJams: He remembers now

Elvis4gold02: who thinks we should test my theory?

CutieDancerJams: NO!
CoatrackFlirtJen: *watches tv*
CutieDancerJams: *covers virgin eyes*
Elvis4gold02: oh come on
CutieDancerJams: No ben!
shelin329: What theory is that?
Pair Skater DJP: *covers virgin eyes because Jamie covered them*
CutieDancerJams: You don't want to know, Shae
muffinboy79: yeah i want to know
CutieDancerJams: You really don't
CutieDancerJams: No
CutieDancerJams: You don't
Elvis4gold02: lol
CutieDancerJams: Trust me
Elvis4gold02: yes he does
CutieDancerJams: NOO!
Elvis4gold02: haaaaaaah
CutieDancerJams: *dies*
CutieDancerJams: He doesn't!
shelin329: Does it involve naked Ben/
Elvis4gold02: yes he does
shelin329: ?
Elvis4gold02: not directly
Elvis4gold02: no
CutieDancerJams: I don't want him to know we had that conversation!
CutieDancerJams: *dies*
Elvis4gold02: HAH!
Elvis4gold02: Brandon
CutieDancerJams: Psh!
CutieDancerJams: :-P
muffinboy79: What that you talked about little Elvis
CutieDancerJams: No..there' smore
muffinboy79: Hey dont' mind me
shelin329: Smores!
CutieDancerJams: No...there really is more...
CutieDancerJams: LOL, shae
Elvis4gold02: Jamie and I had a conversation about if "little" elvis or little rat hair was bigger
muffinboy79: Dude!
muffinboy79: *dies*
CutieDancerJams: Told you you didn't want to know
CoatrackFlirtJen: IOMG!!!
Elvis4gold02: oh god. why did i call it that? *really hopes it doesn't have hair*
CutieDancerJams: That was back before we broke up
muffinboy79: No you're right
Elvis4gold02: who is?
muffinboy79: it doesn't
CutieDancerJams: And I stuck up for you
CutieDancerJams: So you owe me
shelin329: I'm shocked
CoatrackFlirtJen: me too!
Elvis4gold02: *laughs*
shelin329: They lead a secret life
CutieDancerJams: Ben and I should never talk to each other when we're both on AIM and on crack at the same time
Elvis4gold02: i agree
Elvis4gold02: but its fun
Elvis4gold02: lol
CutieDancerJams: It is!
CutieDancerJams: My penny hooker!
CutieDancerJams: *swoons*

muffinboy79: *runs around room without pants*

CutieDancerJams: *covers eyes*
shelin329: Victor would be so proud
CoatrackFlirtJen: he would!
Elvis4gold02: your covering yours? god, he's my roommate!
CutieDancerJams: Yes, he would
shelin329: *tears up*
Elvis4gold02: shae!
CutieDancerJams: LOL. Sucks to be you, ben
CutieDancerJams: J/K!
Elvis4gold02: your not supposed to be these emo
shelin329: He's passed the torch to a new generation
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah first it was John, the Vic now Bran!
muffinboy79: Glad everyone enjoyed that..*cracks up*
CoatrackFlirtJen: *then
CutieDancerJams: *indulges your fantasy* *cracks up*
Elvis4gold02: *runs around without anything on*
CutieDancerJams: BEN!
CutieDancerJams: *covers eyes again*
muffinboy79: Dude..i kept my shirt on
CutieDancerJams: God...you guys must like walk around your apartment naked or something.
Elvis4gold02: oh god no
CutieDancerJams: And when was the last time you cleaned your refridgerator?
CutieDancerJams: Because I know one of you is going to get food posioning soon...
muffinboy79: i cleaned it befoe we went to Tara's
muffinboy79: I think
CutieDancerJams: I brought you up right, Brandon. ;-)
muffinboy79: You did
shelin329: If you haven't already, you may soon find yourself riding pregnancy's emotional roller coaster, feeling moody one day and joyful the next
Elvis4gold02: *rides the rollercoaster*
Elvis4gold02: whoooooooooo

CutieDancerJams: Oh my god! Am I pregnant?!
CutieDancerJams: ;-)

Elvis4gold02: JAMIE
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah emotional roolercoaster!
shelin329: WHEEE! I love rollercoasters
CutieDancerJams: LOL, wait...I've always been like that.
CoatrackFlirtJen: me too!
shelin329: psh..I've always had one of those
CoatrackFlirtJen: but not really tall ones
CutieDancerJams: BEN
muffinboy79: Wait..who's preggers?
CutieDancerJams: Meee!
Elvis4gold02: JAMIE IS
muffinboy79: Jammer?
CutieDancerJams: *FOCL*
muffinboy79: Dude.it's not mine
Elvis4gold02: *is totally kidding here*
Elvis4gold02: maybe it is......
Elvis4gold02: its...
muffinboy79: who/
CutieDancerJams: *confesses* It's the milk mans!
Elvis4gold02: what would make the rink moms go crazy?
Elvis4gold02: no!
muffinboy79: Igor!
CutieDancerJams: *LMAO*
Elvis4gold02: its the zamboni mans!
CoatrackFlirtJen: IGOR!!!
CutieDancerJams: Igor!
CutieDancerJams: It's igors!
CutieDancerJams: *LMAO*
muffinboy79: She's having Igor's baby!
Elvis4gold02: *dies*
Elvis4gold02: guess who's having my baby!?
CutieDancerJams: Elvis
shelin329: I am
CutieDancerJams: My Beaver
Elvis4gold02: nope
CoatrackFlirtJen: and I'm having Vics!
Elvis4gold02: THE MUSIC LADY!
shelin329: i'm having your baby
Elvis4gold02: actually
Elvis4gold02: no
Elvis4gold02: A RINK MOM
Elvis4gold02: Cody's mom!
shelin329: Don't you remember that night on the bus Ben? ;-)
CoatrackFlirtJen: it's Shae admit it Ben!
Elvis4gold02: oh of course
CutieDancerJams: Yeah..Shae told me about it
CutieDancerJams: In the back of the bus.
muffinboy79: Ben..you lucky dog!
CutieDancerJams: ;-)
Elvis4gold02: Brandon!
CutieDancerJams: Don't drool Brandon
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah those buses can get bumpy!
Elvis4gold02: oh gosh
CutieDancerJams: It isnt' becoming
CutieDancerJams: JEN! *dies*
Elvis4gold02: it makes you look like a rabid dog
muffinboy79: Can I have your autograph Ben?
CutieDancerJams: This is disgusting
shelin329: *cracks up*
Elvis4gold02: *signs it "sexy elvis man"*
CutieDancerJams: *bangs head against keyboard*
CutieDancerJams: Why do I want to date this again?
muffinboy79: *frames it8
muffinboy79: *
muffinboy79: Hey you dated me too
muffinboy79: So you're just screwed
shelin329: That sounds so wrong
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah it does
CutieDancerJams: Oh god. SHAE!
CutieDancerJams: *dies*
Elvis4gold02: you are screwed
Elvis4gold02: what?
Elvis4gold02: i missed something...
muffinboy79: an expression Ben
CutieDancerJams: Don't screw me...not now, ben
muffinboy79: i don't need to thinkg about that
Elvis4gold02: we both could!
CutieDancerJams: Neither do I, actually
Elvis4gold02: *is kidding*
muffinboy79: *is glad to know that8
CutieDancerJams: Okay...that's enough thanks

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