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American Idol to being dead to teenagers

IceQueenMelissa: what the fcuk?????
quirky khorky: what happened with AI that makes you anti? lemme guess diana lost?
totally tara x: how much do i want to cry
Shelly Schez: Well it was sorta deserved.
IceQueenMelissa: how did Diana not win?
totally tara x: oh wait i already am
CutieDancerJams: WHat happened?
Aceing ARod: hi jen
totally tara x: DIANA LOST :-(
quirky khorky: lmao well now i dont need to watch
CutieDancerJams: Oh
shelin329: Wait..did I get an invitation? Because I don't remember clicking on one
IceQueenMelissa: *sobs*
Shelly Schez: Right when Simon said "You already won this competition."
Shelly Schez: He was right.
CutieDancerJams: Well come on...fantasia was going to win from the beginning
CutieDancerJams: I hate her voice
CoatrackFlirtJen: they said Diana didn't win because most people just saw her last performance
IceQueenMelissa: shae, I don't think I did
Shelly Schez: But then again, no matter.
totally tara x: fdskjfk fantasia has a horrible voice
shelin329: oh okay..I mishgt have and just didn't know it
Shelly Schez: If she won 2nd place, she still gots the shit in the competition.
Aceing ARod: jfhfsljkhfjlhfhjf >:o
Shelly Schez: I don't like her voice much...
Shelly Schez: too much yeahs.
CutieDancerJams: I mean she's a good singer
Shelly Schez: But it was really deserved.
CutieDancerJams: But Her voice is nasty
Shelly Schez: *AGREES WITH JJ*
IceQueenMelissa: I am in a million depressions
totally tara x: she can make some songs sound okay
totally tara x: but most of them suck
IceQueenMelissa: i shall never watch AI ever again!
Aceing ARod: there are certain kinds of songs she sounds okay on it is just like john stevens
Shelly Schez: "All My Life" should be called "Yeah Yeah Yeah".
Shelly Schez: "All My Yeahs".
totally tara x: remember when i went into a million and a half depressions last season?
CoatrackFlirtJen: yes I remember
Shelly Schez: Hahaha.
totally tara x: sigh, it all comes back, only not as bad
Shelly Schez: Diana is still great. So is Jazzy. :-)
totally tara x: and when ruben was up there singing tonight i was like ew that should be clay
CoatrackFlirtJen: *gasps*
totally tara x: i got really emo and i have pms i just not happy
CoatrackFlirtJen: I loved Ruben
Aceing ARod: brb
CoatrackFlirtJen: he was so on but so sweaty
totally tara x: i like ruben too, but record sales speak volumes
Shelly Schez: Sweaty.
totally tara x: 2.5 mill vs 1.7 mill
CoatrackFlirtJen: it's only one million
Shelly Schez: Is Alina in chat??!!
totally tara x: i dont know her SN
CoatrackFlirtJen: I think most people just bought two copies of Clay's CD like I did and only one Ruben
quirky khorky: lmao well i dont see her so I would say probably not
IceQueenMelissa: diana better get a contract anyway
Shelly Schez: x uh lee nuh x
totally tara x: i am sure she will
IceQueenMelissa: because I will be sad if I never see her again
totally tara x: i think jas, diana, latoya, and fantasia will all get deals
shelin329: Don't the first and second place both usually get one?
IceQueenMelissa: do they?
totally tara x: pretty much the top 4 do
quirky khorky: i invited her
CoatrackFlirtJen: well Clay and Justin got some so Diana will sure get one
IceQueenMelissa: I guess only the winner is assured one, but the other top singers will get contracts as well
totally tara x: clay, ruben, kim, and josh gracin all did cds
CoatrackFlirtJen: what the hell happened to Justin
CoatrackFlirtJen: no one sees him anymore
quirky khorky: justin annoyed me
totally tara x: i dont like justin either
CoatrackFlirtJen: I liked the hair
CoatrackFlirtJen: didn't like the movie
quirky khorky: lmao i didnt even go see it
totally tara x: hahah the movie
totally tara x: i own it :[
shelin329: I never saw the movie
IceQueenMelissa: didn't justin get into trouble?
totally tara x: i bought it for like $2 okay
CoatrackFlirtJen: hah me Too
CoatrackFlirtJen: I got mine for free
CoatrackFlirtJen: still it's a bad movie
quirky khorky: lol
CoatrackFlirtJen: Shae next time I see you we're so watching that movie
IceQueenMelissa: i have bot seen the movie
IceQueenMelissa: *not
Aceing ARod: justin is engaged to nicole richie apparently
IceQueenMelissa: really?
quirky khorky: seriously?
IceQueenMelissa: i did not know that
Aceing ARod: yep
IceQueenMelissa: whoa
Aceing ARod: i'm not sure if it's true but i heard it
shelin329: Okay Jen..haha
Aceing ARod: and from season one tamyra, christina, justin, kelly, and rj all got deals i think
shelin329: I thought Justin was gay for some reason. I think I heard that somewhere
Shelly Schez: I don't remember any of season one besides Kelly and Justin.
quirky khorky: i just thought he had an ego
quirky khorky: sob thats the season ia ctually sort of followed, i liked AJ
totally tara x: RJ/
quirky khorky: no, AJ
Shelly Schez: *lolz*
CoatrackFlirtJen: Justin is gay?
CoatrackFlirtJen: interesting
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
totally tara x: who's AJ?
quirky khorky: there was an RJ and an AJ
shelin329: I heard that somewhere.
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
totally tara x: lol confusing
Shelly Schez: That's hilarious!
quirky khorky: AJ was in the top 10
Aceing ARod: and an EJ
quirky khorky: as well
shelin329: Maybe I just told Victor that once because he was listening to the CD on repeart
Aceing ARod: and then there was jim and justin there were too many j's
Shelly Schez: EJ, AJ, RJ...
CoatrackFlirtJen: so how long before the fantasia and Diana movie comes out ;-)
shelin329: LMAO
quirky khorky: hahaha jen
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
shelin329: From Fanatsia to Diana?
Shelly Schez: From Diana to Fantasia.
shelin329: Fantasia
shelin329: haha
Shelly Schez: Sounds like a race change.
Shelly Schez: :[
quirky khorky: lmfao maybe they will just remake the disney Fantasia and write in Diana
Shelly Schez: *lolz*
Shelly Schez: OH YEAH THAT MOVIE. *lmfao*
shelin329: only if she doesn't wear the little socerer's hat
CoatrackFlirtJen: I'm sure to buy that one too just so I can start an AI movie collection

CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah I want to be a Diva!
IceQueenMelissa: jen you are
Shelly Schez: YEAH YOU ARE, J-RO.
Shelly Schez: *giggles*
CoatrackFlirtJen: yeah Kat has been giving me Diva lessons on the weekends
Shelly Schez: How do you become a diva, anyway?
CoatrackFlirtJen: well Katarina Witt has to initiate you ;-)
shelin329: oh has she?
shelin329: How does she do that Jen?
Shelly Schez: Hotness. :-)
CoatrackFlirtJen: I'm not allowed to give secrets out
CoatrackFlirtJen: Shae you should be the next Diva
Shelly Schez: Ahhh that's aite.
quirky khorky: lmao i aspire to become a diva

CoatrackFlirtJen: well my corn nuts were in a bowl and once I got hit with a baseball and they fell all on the ground

quirky khorky: stop with the freakin z!!!!!
Shelly Schez: What!!
IceQueenMelissa: carl is pissing me off
Shelly Schez: Yo I been doin' that shit to you the whole time before and you never said shit? :'(
IceQueenMelissa: he does not think that Diana losing is a good reason to cry!
Shelly Schez: MEN SUCK THEN.
Shelly Schez: They need to go back to Mars!
IceQueenMelissa: haha
IceQueenMelissa: yes they should
quirky khorky: ew no you used Sssssss which I like more than YULZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZ lol
Shelly Schez: Not that Yulzzzzz mean that Yuls is boring yo.
Shelly Schez: *lolz*
Shelly Schez: *lolz* <--- And plus I been doing this shit for the past two fuckin' years! :D
quirky khorky: but ew you know I still love you babeeeee. lmao Yuls is not boring its just not obnoxious like Yulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
quirky khorky: lmao i dont mind lolz just YulZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz
Shelly Schez: FINE I PUT IN ONE Z.
Shelly Schez: Yulz.
quirky khorky: ew. ew. ew.
Shelly Schez: ONE Z, YO.
Shelly Schez: You put tons of z's on that one. PSH!!!!
quirky khorky: lmao it is STILL A Z
Shelly Schez: :D
Shelly Schez: Whatever!
Shelly Schez: Yuls.
Shelly Schez: What nick should I give you now then?
quirky khorky: ahhh beauty to my eyes
quirky khorky: lmao Yuls works just fine
Shelly Schez: jfeofjeoijf dorkass.
Shelly Schez: Yulsssssssssssssssssssss.
Shelly Schez: Happy now?
Shelly Schez: Sheesh.

alwaysalissa625: I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon.

alwaysalissa625: Why doesn't anyone talk?
alwaysalissa625: Do I scare them?
JamminJMoney: sorry I had to leave the room for a second LOL
JamminJMoney: no you don't scare me. unless you're gonna stalk me like you stalk brandon ;-)
Shelly Schez: No you don't scare us, sweetie.
Shelly Schez: I like getting stalked by my friends. :D
alwaysalissa625: That was totally alexandra's idea
alwaysalissa625: it was NMF
JamminJMoney: mmm-hmm sure
alwaysalissa625: And duh, you know you want to stalk brandon too ;-)
JamminJMoney: oh yes let me tell you. I want to stalk my ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend LMAO
alwaysalissa625: HAAAAAAAAA
alwaysalissa625: Yes because he is sooooo hot
JamminJMoney: yeah okay
alwaysalissa625: I have brandon bubble bath ;-)
JamminJMoney: okay, that's creepy

CoatrackFlirtJen: guess what I'm doing this weekend
shelin329: What?
IceQueenMelissa: what are you doing?
CoatrackFlirtJen: I'm going to my cottage and digging a hole in the sand
shelin329: oh that sounds like fun!
shelin329: Can I come and crawl in it with you?
Shelly Schez: I like sand!!!!
CoatrackFlirtJen: yes you can
Shelly Schez: I wanna be in the sand where I can chill with J-Ro and flirt with her.
Shelly Schez: :-)
CoatrackFlirtJen: it can be our love hole
JamminJMoney: aww why do you guys want to crawl in a hole?
shelin329: oo..fun
JamminJMoney: i want a love hole
Shelly Schez: I have a hole.
Shelly Schez: Under a rock.
alwaysalissa625: A love hole? Like a love shack?
totally tara x: brb
totally tara x has left the room.
JamminJMoney: i guess
quirky khorky: lmao wow guys
Shelly Schez: Bigger than Saddam's. *LMFAO*
Shelly Schez: :D
alwaysalissa625: *digs hole with a plastic shovel*
JamminJMoney: *laughs* okay yeah that's gonna get you real far. it's easier to just do it with your hands
JamminJMoney: *digs hole with hands*
alwaysalissa625: But then your hands get dirty. And that is gross.
alwaysalissa625: :-P
Shelly Schez: I like plastic shovels.
JamminJMoney: *puts dirty hands on alissa's face*
JamminJMoney: HAHA
alwaysalissa625: EWWWW!
Shelly Schez: *LMFAO*
alwaysalissa625: *stomps foot* BOYS!
Shelly Schez: It's just sand yo!
quirky khorky: i like being plowed
Shelly Schez: Or dirt.
Shelly Schez: MEN ARE FROM MARS.
JamminJMoney: *cracks up*
Shelly Schez: Go back to Mars, J.
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
JamminJMoney: hey!
alwaysalissa625: You are awful!'
Aceing ARod: WHAT
JamminJMoney: you like it
alwaysalissa625: I do not!
Shelly Schez: *lolz*
Shelly Schez: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
JamminJMoney: okay sure
Shelly Schez: So like stay in your planet we stay in ours.
CoatrackFlirtJen: I need a big enough hole Shae can you help me
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quirky khorky has entered the room.
shelin329: of course I can help you. Be glad to
JamminJMoney: i'm not going back to Mars
quirky khorky: ew why did i get kicked i am pissed
shelin329: *tosses you a shovel*
alwaysalissa625: You should!
JamminJMoney: you'd miss me
alwaysalissa625: For putting your dirty hands in my face
CoatrackFlirtJen: ok meet me in cottage country for some little fun
alwaysalissa625: I would not.
Shelly Schez: Cuz AIM's a shithead, Yuls.
shelin329: Okay!
JamminJMoney: what if I took Brandon with me to Mars what would you do?
shelin329: I'll drive the Weenie Moblie
alwaysalissa625: I think Jamie would kill you ;-)
IceQueenMelissa: weenie mobile?
alwaysalissa625: And that would take care of you.
totally tara x has entered the room.
totally tara x: and im back
JamminJMoney: yeah you're right LOL
JamminJMoney: wb tara
totally tara x: thanks :-)
quirky khorky: aww lookit taras name is in piiiink
totally tara x: yay for pink
CoatrackFlirtJen: ok good
Aceing ARod: noooooo
Aceing ARod: totally tara x: yay for pink
totally tara x: sob for turqiouse
quirky khorky: yes huh totally tara x: sob for turqiouse
quirky khorky: for me anyway
Aceing ARod: oh welllllllll
quirky khorky: and you are in marigold
Shelly Schez: Turquoise.
Shelly Schez: What is turquoise?
alwaysalissa625: *picks up dirt in shovel and throws it at jordan*
JamminJMoney: hey!! *throws dirt back at alissa*
Shelly Schez: *LMFAO*
Shelly Schez: Yeah Alissa!
alwaysalissa625: *drops a water balloon on Jordan's head*
JamminJMoney: *takes Alissa's shovel*
alwaysalissa625: *takes her shovel back*
JamminJMoney: dude!
shelin329: I'm losing at Solataire!
CoatrackFlirtJen: noooo don't loose
alwaysalissa625: What are you dudeing about?
JamminJMoney: cuz I'm all wet now
shelin329: I know!
alwaysalissa625: Why do boys always say dude?
shelin329: I'm just playing so I can stare at the weenie
JamminJMoney: beats me
alwaysalissa625: Why can't they expand their vocabulary?
JamminJMoney: I just say it
alwaysalissa625: Because boys are dumb
alwaysalissa625: THat's why
Aceing ARod: thanks
alwaysalissa625: Except brandon. Who is dumb and extremely hott
alwaysalissa625: Exclding andy too of course
JamminJMoney: oh and girls have so much of a better vocabulary. "Like totally for sure. Duh!
alwaysalissa625: *Excluding
alwaysalissa625: Excuse you I do not talk like that!
JamminJMoney: yeah okay
alwaysalissa625: I don't!
JamminJMoney: i'm sure you do when you're aroudn your friends
alwaysalissa625: I do not. Amber does but I don't
JamminJMoney: "like brandon is like totally the most hottest thing in this universe for sure!"
Shelly Schez: Boys always say dude?
alwaysalissa625: I do not say that!
Shelly Schez: Dude I say that all the time sometimes. :[
Shelly Schez: And I'm not a guy.
alwaysalissa625: And how do you know it's not really amber talking to you right now
Aceing ARod: i say dude sometimes but not a lot
totally tara x: andy why did you say a random thanks?
alwaysalissa625: I could be amber
Shelly Schez: But I was before during my short ass haired days.
alwaysalissa625: ANd you woudn't know
JamminJMoney: no I wouldn't
Shelly Schez: Hi Amber/Alissa.
Aceing ARod: it was sarcastic don't worry :-*
Shelly Schez: *giggles*
alwaysalissa625: Hi shelly!
totally tara x: oh i thought i missed something :-*
JamminJMoney: *takes alissa's shovel again and runs off with it*
alwaysalissa625: JORDAN YOU WHORE!!!
alwaysalissa625: BRING IT BACK!
JamminJMoney: chase me!
alwaysalissa625: Why
JamminJMoney: because I'm not gonna give it back to you
IceQueenMelissa has left the room.
alwaysalissa625: But you should.
JamminJMoney: why?
alwaysalissa625: Because you were mean to me first.
JamminJMoney: so. you were mean to me last. you dropped a water balloon on my head
JamminJMoney: *sits in corner and plays in the dirt with alissa's shovel*
CoatrackFlirtJen: i bought nanaimo baress!
alwaysalissa625: YOU BRAT!
alwaysalissa625: *throws a trash can at you*
Shelly Schez: OH MY GOSH!
shelin329: you bought what?
JamminJMoney: dude!
Shelly Schez: Alissa's violent as fuck, dude!
Shelly Schez: I hope Amber isn't.
alwaysalissa625: It's just a little trash can
CoatrackFlirtJen: nanaimo bars!!!
Shelly Schez: I thought it was a big metal one.
alwaysalissa625: Like one you keep in your bedroom
alwaysalissa625: No
CoatrackFlirtJen: yummy
shelin329: Oh
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
JamminJMoney: so it's still an object flying at my head
Shelly Schez: *LOLZ*
Shelly Schez: At your head, J?
Shelly Schez: Over your head?
JamminJMoney: no you're definitely not getting your shovel back
Shelly Schez: TO your head?
JamminJMoney: *now
Shelly Schez: *buys Alissa another shovel*
JamminJMoney: that's not fair!
Shelly Schez: Go away!
alwaysalissa625: Yay! THanks shelly!
Shelly Schez: You like shovels don't you, J?
Shelly Schez: :-)
alwaysalissa625: Shelly loves me :-P
Shelly Schez: I love alissa. :-*
quirky khorky: *buys jordan a bulldozer* just run her over
Shelly Schez: J likes shovels so he can dig holes and make sex holes with them.
JamminJMoney: dude! a bulldozer. I love you Yulia!
Shelly Schez: Yuls is manipulative and evil.
Shelly Schez: :D
alwaysalissa625: WHAT?!
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
alwaysalissa625: HE'S MAKING WHAT?!
JamminJMoney: shelly's crazy
alwaysalissa625: Oh what a typical guy.
quirky khorky: lmao it's in my blood i cant help it
quirky khorky: i mean what no i am an angel
JamminJMoney: :-P
JamminJMoney: *drives around in the bulldozer*
alwaysalissa625: You'll ruin the carpet!
JamminJMoney: so
alwaysalissa625: SO then the women will have to clean it
alwaysalissa625: Because the men are too lazy
JamminJMoney: excuse me? how about no?
Shelly Schez: Men are lazy.
Shelly Schez: LAZY.
JamminJMoney: yo! man! Andy help me out here against these women
quirky khorky: lmao yes i am
alwaysalissa625: Oh shut up and just accept it jordan
alwaysalissa625: brb
JamminJMoney: whatever
Shelly Schez: No Yuls. You no angel!
quirky khorky: sure i am ask anybody O:-)
Shelly Schez: You fucked me in Amsterdam while I was sleeping, sooooooo........................
Shelly Schez: *STEALS YOUR HALO*
quirky khorky: and you liked it
Shelly Schez: Ew no. You were bad and bumpy.
quirky khorky: i heard you scream my name
quirky khorky: lmao rough sex isnt going to be smoothe
Shelly Schez: No that was Amber's name cuz I dream about her all the time.
Shelly Schez: So when you thought I was screaming "OH YULIA." it was really "OH AMBER".
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
Shelly Schez: YOUR HALO IS GONE, MOFO!!!
Shelly Schez: *runs off with it*
JamminJMoney: I want Yulia's halo!
quirky khorky: lmao i didnt think anything i heard it YOU LIKED IT JUST ADMIT IT BABy
Shelly Schez: *GIVES IT TO J*
JamminJMoney: *wears it because he's an angel*
Shelly Schez: Ew no you were so dry and plus you didn't even take off everything yet!
alwaysalissa625: Oh whatever
JamminJMoney: oh psh. I thought you left
quirky khorky: lmao its cuz you licked me dry
alwaysalissa625: Who wants to take bets that Jordan thinks I'm cute?
alwaysalissa625: Because that's the way boys minds work :-P
JamminJMoney: who wants to take bets that ALISSA thinks that I am cute?:-P
Shelly Schez: Ew you were just dry, Yuls. You had no tongue! :D
alwaysalissa625: WHat if ALissa doesn't think you're cute.
alwaysalissa625: I told you already
Shelly Schez: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Shelly Schez: *gush
alwaysalissa625: You look likea squished bug
Shelly Schez: *
JamminJMoney: sorry I don't look like Brandon Forsyth :-P
Shelly Schez: *LMFAO*
JamminJMoney: NO! I didn't say she was cute!
Shelly Schez: Good one, J!
alwaysalissa625: Oh bite me
quirky khorky: lmao shelly
alwaysalissa625: Wait, scratch that
alwaysalissa625: You'd probably want to
JamminJMoney: *grins*
alwaysalissa625: :-P
JamminJMoney: :-P
alwaysalissa625: Why are boys so predictable?
JamminJMoney: psh
Shelly Schez: *BITES ALISSA*
Shelly Schez: Oh.
Shelly Schez: Shit.
Shelly Schez: :D
alwaysalissa625: Ouch!
alwaysalissa625: :-D
Shelly Schez: Now you got the Kwan bite.
Shelly Schez: And you will start winning medals and shit.
alwaysalissa625: Oh cool! I like the kwan venom
alwaysalissa625: It's better than jordan venom at any rate
JamminJMoney: you don't know that
alwaysalissa625: Well I'm not going to find it out
Shelly Schez: YAY I RULE AT LIFE, MOFOS!!!
alwaysalissa625: Because if you bite me, I'll bite back
Shelly Schez: I like gettin' bitten.
Shelly Schez: Shush Yuls. *lolz* I know she's gonna say something hot after that.
JamminJMoney: *bites alissa*
Shelly Schez: ahahahahaha!
alwaysalissa625: HE DID NOT!
Shelly Schez: *DIES LAUGHING*
JamminJMoney: *sits back and grins*
alwaysalissa625: YOU!!
Shelly Schez: Now you gonna start saying so and so skater skates like a duck.
alwaysalissa625: YOU!!
Shelly Schez: :D
alwaysalissa625: YOU!!!
Shelly Schez: HIM.
alwaysalissa625: UGH!
JamminJMoney: hehehe
Shelly Schez: Oh and Yuls?
alwaysalissa625: I'd bite you back but you'd like it too much you...grrr I can't even think of a good name to call yoU!!!
JamminJMoney: that's cuz you liked it. admit
JamminJMoney: *admit it
Shelly Schez: Damn I noticed both Alissa and Jordan haven't added each other to their friends list yet.
quirky khorky: what??
alwaysalissa625: It was disgusting
Shelly Schez: Did you get the away spam I sent ya yesterday?
Shelly Schez: :-)
alwaysalissa625: ANd not I have teeth marks
JamminJMoney: oh no! what will brandon say?
Shelly Schez: Teeth marks are cool.
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
alwaysalissa625: That's it.
quirky khorky: haha yes i did
alwaysalissa625: I'm not speaking to you.
alwaysalissa625: Butthole.
JamminJMoney: fine.
JamminJMoney: i'm not speaking to you either
alwaysalissa625: Fine.
JamminJMoney: fine
Shelly Schez: So that means both'a y'alls ain't addin' each other to their friends list?
alwaysalissa625: Fine.
Shelly Schez: Did I educate you, Yuls?
JamminJMoney: fine
Shelly Schez: :-)
alwaysalissa625: Fine.
JamminJMoney: fine
quirky khorky: lmao no
Shelly Schez: Damn!
Shelly Schez: *lolz*
alwaysalissa625: STOP SAYING THAT!
JamminJMoney: hahaha you talked to me!
shelin329 has left the room.
alwaysalissa625: DAMN It.
JamminJMoney: I win!
Shelly Schez: Aww you two are cute together.
Shelly Schez: :-)
alwaysalissa625: *turns and faces corner and does not speak*
Shelly Schez: So where's Amber, Alissa?
Shelly Schez: :-)
JamminJMoney: *throws dirt on alissa*
alwaysalissa625: Out with her boyfriend no doubt
Shelly Schez: Who is her boyfriend?
alwaysalissa625: *does not throw dirt at Jordan* *does not look at jordan* *does not speak to jordan*
alwaysalissa625: Some dude...I don't know
Shelly Schez: Awww.
Shelly Schez: Sweet.
quirky khorky: TARA
Shelly Schez: I think she'll be all freaked out that you and Jordan are...
JamminJMoney: *comes up behind alissa and puts dirty hands on her face*
Shelly Schez: all sweatin' each other.
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
alwaysalissa625: WTF?
alwaysalissa625: *smacks Jordan*
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
JamminJMoney: dude!
Shelly Schez: j_brauninger
Shelly Schez: and alissa_c
Shelly Schez: Now go add each other.
alwaysalissa625: *turns back to wall*
alwaysalissa625: I will not add him.
Shelly Schez: Awww. What puppy love.
Shelly Schez: *giggles*
alwaysalissa625: He, however will probably add me.
alwaysalissa625: And spam me.
alwaysalissa625: Sigh.
Shelly Schez: Spam is great.
alwaysalissa625: It is not puppy love.
JamminJMoney: eww! her? no way
alwaysalissa625: Yeah at least I don't smell
Shelly Schez: Okay then.
JamminJMoney: no because you use your brandon bubble bath.
Shelly Schez: Silly little teenagers.
JamminJMoney: I don't have brandon bubble bath
Shelly Schez: Teenagers are such dorks.
alwaysalissa625: YOU ASSHOLE!
JamminJMoney: :-P
alwaysalissa625: THere's nothing funn y about my bubble bath
alwaysalissa625: Go back to where you came from. And stay there.
Shelly Schez: Hahahahahahhaa.
JamminJMoney: aww did I hurt your feelings?
Shelly Schez: I am interested at all this.
alwaysalissa625: Why are you such a pain in the ass?
Shelly Schez: He's a guy, Alissa.
alwaysalissa625: Haha shelly
JamminJMoney: *shrugs*
alwaysalissa625: Yes that's true
JamminJMoney: :-P
alwaysalissa625: He just can't help the fact that he's attracted to me and so he acts like a complete retard.
Shelly Schez: Awww.
Shelly Schez: Sweetness.
JamminJMoney: oh, I'm the one that's attracted to you *FOCLMAO* no darlin I think you're the one that's attracted to me
alwaysalissa625: Hmm...maybe....
alwaysalissa625: THE DAY AFTER NEVER
JamminJMoney: YOU"RE SO STUPID!!!!
alwaysalissa625: Look in a mirror and you'll see someone stupider
Shelly Schez: *LMFAO*
quirky khorky: stupider?
Shelly Schez: This is interesting.
Shelly Schez: Watching two teens argue and a 23 yr old just laughing her fuckin' head off.
alwaysalissa625: more stupid
alwaysalissa625: whatever
Shelly Schez: Stupidier, sweetie.
JamminJMoney: whatever, you're the stupidist!
alwaysalissa625: Oh how mature.
JamminJMoney: *mocks* oh how mature
Shelly Schez: Stupidiest, Jordan.
Shelly Schez: Hahahahah.
alwaysalissa625: Wow, you're proving my point.
alwaysalissa625: I am in shock butnotreally
JamminJMoney: you're just pissy because you can't have me
Shelly Schez: Aren't you single, Jordan?
alwaysalissa625: Oh sure. That's it.
JamminJMoney: I am
Shelly Schez: Jigga, you got served.
Shelly Schez: Then... ?
Shelly Schez: You're availabe, J!!!
Shelly Schez: :D
JamminJMoney: not to HER
quirky khorky: doesnt mean he wants to be taken by her though, hence she catn have him
alwaysalissa625: And I've got news for you:
alwaysalissa625: I think you are the most disgusting creature on this earth
Shelly Schez: Oh yeah.
alwaysalissa625: And I wouldn't go on a date with you if they paid me.
JamminJMoney: *mocks* i think you are the most disgusting creature on this earth
Shelly Schez: Alissa is in the "do not date" list.
alwaysalissa625: He's proving my point again.
Shelly Schez: Well if you're not gonna add each other to each other's friends list, you can add Amber.
Shelly Schez: :-)
JamminJMoney: oh just shut up!
Shelly Schez: Will both of you doofuses go add Amber??!!
Shelly Schez: *lmao*
JamminJMoney: what's her sn?
alwaysalissa625: I won't shut up.
Shelly Schez: a_corwin
alwaysalissa625: No one's making me.
Shelly Schez: :-)
JamminJMoney: I know a way to make you shut up
alwaysalissa625: OH I though you were talkinga bout my twin, shelly
Shelly Schez: Now go add her.
Shelly Schez: Nah.
quirky khorky: wouldnt it be doofi? lmao sveta was debating this subject matter one day
Shelly Schez: If I was I would be saying Amber 2.
alwaysalissa625: Sure, Jordan. Whatever.
Shelly Schez: *LMAO* Yuls.
JamminJMoney: i do
Shelly Schez: You are my grammar teacher.
quirky khorky: lol
alwaysalissa625: Sorry. Nothing can make me shut up.
quirky khorky: tara promoted me to run on sentences 102. i am so proud.
JamminJMoney: nothing huh?
alwaysalissa625: Nothing. So. There.
JamminJMoney: *kisses alissa* not even that? ;-)
Shelly Schez: Blah bloo blah blah blah.
Shelly Schez: Holy shittizzle!
Shelly Schez: I like run on sentences, I would join the class but no.
quirky khorky: maybe not technically, but Jordan if you highlight her name and click ignore, it will seem like she is muted.
Shelly Schez: :O
alwaysalissa625: WTF? *shuts up*
JamminJMoney: I win!
Shelly Schez: Holy shittizzle!
quirky khorky: lol no one can write run on sentences like me. except maybe the guru of them, tara.
Shelly Schez: Jordan that was hot.
alwaysalissa625: *throws things at jordan*
alwaysalissa625: You awful little smurf!
JamminJMoney: *ducks flying objects*
alwaysalissa625: How dare you?!
Shelly Schez: Hahahahahaha!
JamminJMoney: *shrugs*
alwaysalissa625: UGH!
alwaysalissa625: BOYS!!!!!
Aceing ARod: hey i represent with runons sometimes
alwaysalissa625: Sorry again, andy
Shelly Schez: Boys. Cuz now you got me talkin' about boys.
Shelly Schez: There was a song like that five years ago by B.O.N.
Aceing ARod: there is always britney's song
JamminJMoney: yes blah blah blah boys are awful blah blah blah
quirky khorky: lol andy but are you in 102 yet?
alwaysalissa625: No, only boys named Jordan
Aceing ARod: hey who knows i think i might be exempt
JamminJMoney: and girls named Alissa suck!
Shelly Schez: I would take girls anytime, yo.
Shelly Schez: Any fucking time.
alwaysalissa625: What do we suck? ahah just kidding
alwaysalissa625: First thing that came to mind
Shelly Schez: Girls rule but maybe only cuz I'm bi... *hides*
JamminJMoney: LOL
alwaysalissa625: I updated. It was a really hott update so you all should read it.
Shelly Schez: *GOES AND READS*
Shelly Schez: *COMMENTS*
Shelly Schez: I like freezing comments, yo.
JamminJMoney: I commented
alwaysalissa625: I saw.
JamminJMoney: :-D
alwaysalissa625: And then I glared really hard at my computer screen
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
Shelly Schez: You smiled you saw you got pissed.
alwaysalissa625: I commented back to both of you
Shelly Schez: Thanks Alissa.
alwaysalissa625: welcome
Shelly Schez: Ahhh I should freeze comments again.
Shelly Schez: It was fun!
JamminJMoney: i commented back
alwaysalissa625: I commented back
JamminJMoney: *glares*
Shelly Schez: And that thread so need to be frozen but it's not gonna do shit, though...
JamminJMoney: whatever
alwaysalissa625: Loser
JamminJMoney: stupidhead!
alwaysalissa625: Moron
Shelly Schez: *sits back and enjoys all this*
Shelly Schez: This is hi-fucking-larious.
JamminJMoney: Idiot!
alwaysalissa625: Smelly boy with cooties.
Shelly Schez: This shit's going to B.O.S. tomorrow.
JamminJMoney: you're the one that has cooties!
alwaysalissa625: Girls don't have cooties, dumbo
JamminJMoney: oh you liked it babe, why don't you just admit it
alwaysalissa625: Oh so you're admitting you wanted me to like it
JamminJMoney: did I say that? um no
alwaysalissa625: Well did I say I liked it? umm no
JamminJMoney: I still think you liked it!
alwaysalissa625: You think that because you wanted me to.
alwaysalissa625: Duh.
alwaysalissa625: I didn't FYI
JamminJMoney: what freakin ever. girls suck

--Something happened around here that I promised Jordan I wouldn't show.--

alwaysalissa625: Well who do you like. You might as well share because no one in here cares anyway.
Shelly Schez: Since I see it's all g now.
Shelly Schez: I care? :D
JamminJMoney: maybe I don't wanna share. because obviously the one I MIGHT like doesn't care
alwaysalissa625: Well can you blame her :-P
JamminJMoney: she just doesn't care cuz she's hopelessly in love with Brandon Forsyth :-P
JamminJMoney: :-X
alwaysalissa625: OMG! YOU LIKE JAMIE?!
JamminJMoney: you idiot! no!
alwaysalissa625: HA! JORDAN LIKES JAMIE!
Shelly Schez: *lmao* I was thinkin' the same, Alissa!
Shelly Schez: :-)
JamminJMoney: did I kiss Jamie? no! put two and two together dorkwad!
alwaysalissa625: You like Jamie!!!! LMAO
JamminJMoney: whatever. I give up.
alwaysalissa625: You just don't want to admit it!
Shelly Schez: *lmfao*
JamminJMoney: *rolls eyes*
Shelly Schez: It seems you two got some mad love for the Silverstein/Forsyth clan.
JamminJMoney: alissa you are so dense
alwaysalissa625: Jordan wants to shag jamie!!! LMAO
alwaysalissa625: I am not dense!
alwaysalissa625: You like jamie!
alwaysalissa625: It's okay. I like brandon.
JamminJMoney: I don't freakin like Jamie! I freakin like you!
alwaysalissa625: Dude.
JamminJMoney: *Crawls in a hole*
alwaysalissa625: You're weird.
alwaysalissa625: I'm going to go to bed.
alwaysalissa625: Bye guys.
alwaysalissa625 has left the room.
Shelly Schez: Well bye bye Alissa.
CoatrackFlirtJen has left the room.
JamminJMoney: dude
Shelly Schez: Dude.
Shelly Schez: She all gone, yo.
JamminJMoney: dude, obviously

JamminJMoney: I acted like a jackass and alissa was just..ugh!
JamminJMoney: ugh! i hate girls
quirky khorky: sob jordan
JamminJMoney: except for you ladies in here of course :-*
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