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CutieDancerJams: Psh
Pair Skater DJP: psh psh
CutieDancerJams: no
CutieDancerJams: *takes your pshing power away*
Pair Skater DJP: no
Pair Skater DJP: shp
CutieDancerJams: *takes the letters p s and h out of your vocaubulary*
Pair Skater DJP: but t en I can't talk rig t *cries*
CutieDancerJams: *cracks up*
CutieDancerJams: This is funny!
CutieDancerJams: You sound like Ben after I bit his tongue!
Pair Skater DJP: you are mean
CutieDancerJams: Thank you
Pair Skater DJP: t at wasn't a com liment
CutieDancerJams: I'll give you your p, s, and h-es back if you promise not to use them together.
Pair Skater DJP: okay
CutieDancerJams: Say that you promise.
Pair Skater DJP: I romi e
CutieDancerJams: Good enough.
CutieDancerJams: *gives P, S, and Hes back*
Pair Skater DJP: merci beaucoup *kotc*
CutieDancerJams: *is kotc* You're welcome.
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