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Davery Pelletier: The next Canadian Idol

Dave: 2+2=4
Dave: !
Vic: =-O David Jacques Pelletier you are a GENIUS!
Dave: I'm a modern Day Einstein
Vic: you're my new idol!
Dave: I should be on Canadian Idol
Vic: I'd be in the audience screaming "DAVEY I LOVE YOU!!!!"
Dave: and I'd be on stage and say "I love you Vicery"
Vic: and then I'd faint
Dave: I could sing LTS!
Vic: you should!
Dave: And Michael Jackson songs
Vic: you have to sing some Justin Timberlake for your number one fan
Dave: *sings* cry me a riiiiiiver
Dave: oh
Dave: Cry me a riiiver
Dave: oh Cry me a riiiiiver
Vic: *squeals* DAVERY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Dave: I love you Vicery and all my fans;-)
Vic: *jumps up and down* OMG! OMG! Davery loves me!!! *faints*
Dave: security!
Vic: *is still unconcious*
Dave: *pour water on your head*
Vic: *wakes up* ahh that was cold. OMG! OMG! it's Davery!!!!!
Dave: *gives you an autograph
Dave: *
Vic: Thank you Davery! I love you! *kotc*
Dave: I love you too man, but Security! This guy is scaring me!
Vic: Davery let me hang backstage with you. I promise i won't kiss you again
Dave: okay, makeout with Shae, but I got to sing. *sings*
Vic: *faints*
Dave: *stips*
Vic: that was hot!
Dave: I know
Dave: I am hot like that
Vic: do it again
Dave: *stips again*
Vic: *takes a picture
Dave: Security!
Vic: *hides camera*
Dave: psh
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