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*does TMI*

CutieDancerJams: God, we're on crack..
Angelic Ann P: Yes.
Angelic Ann P: You are.
CutieDancerJams: You know what that means?
Angelic Ann P: Very much so.
Angelic Ann P: I should be scared?
CutieDancerJams: No...
Elvis4gold02: wait
Elvis4gold02: what??
Angelic Ann P: Yes I should be!
CutieDancerJams: It means that Ben and I need to make out on the trampoline because I've never made out on a trampoline before!

Elvis4gold02: dude your dad is looking out the window....
CutieDancerJams: Ah, technicalities
Elvis4gold02: lol
Elvis4gold02: okie dokie
Elvis4gold02: but one thing
CutieDancerJams: Hm?
Elvis4gold02: does your dad have a gun?
CutieDancerJams: *FOCLMAO*
CutieDancerJams: No
Angelic Ann P: *giggles*
Elvis4gold02: okay
Elvis4gold02: *makes out on the trampoline*
CutieDancerJams: WHEE! *makes out*
Elvis4gold02: *while jumping*
Angelic Ann P: *covers eyes*
CutieDancerJams: WHoo! *has never made out while jumping before*
Elvis4gold02: owwwwww
CutieDancerJams: *accidentally bites bens tongue*
CutieDancerJams: Oops!
CutieDancerJams: Sorry!
CutieDancerJams: Sorry!
Elvis4gold02: *bleeds*
Elvis4gold02: laldnaldgafjagjaekjga
CutieDancerJams: Eek! *runs inside and grabs medical gauze*
Elvis4gold02: *can't talk*
CutieDancerJams: Stick out your tongue!
Elvis4gold02: lasdgadskgdsfjasf
Elvis4gold02: *sticks out tounge*
CutieDancerJams: *wraps medical gauze around it*
CutieDancerJams: You look silly.
CutieDancerJams: *giggles*
Elvis4gold02: *starts laughing and bits jamies finger*
Angelic Ann P: Benji always looks silly
spiraling sasha has left the room.
CutieDancerJams: Hey! *giggles*
CutieDancerJams: Forget the gauze. *pulls gauze off and starts making out again*
Elvis4gold02: so we're swapping blood now?
Angelic Ann P: Oh Lord, not again. *snatches Time Enough For Drums and reads it*
Elvis4gold02: what?
CutieDancerJams: Sure, why not.
Elvis4gold02: time enough for drums?
CutieDancerJams: It's a book ben
CutieDancerJams: You know..
CutieDancerJams: It's got paper
CutieDancerJams: with words on it
Elvis4gold02: oookay
CutieDancerJams: People read it
Angelic Ann P: Yup.
Angelic Ann P: Deep words.
Elvis4gold02: my tounge hurts!
Angelic Ann P: *doesn't want to know what Jammers is going to do*
CutieDancerJams: *sighs* *takes her tounge out of ben's mouth and wraps ben's tounge back up in gauze*
CoatrackFlirtJen has entered the room.
Elvis4gold02: *hopes he didn't give you some odd desiese*
Elvis4gold02: *mumbles and slurs words* hi jen
CutieDancerJams: LOL, Bennie, you aren't diseased.
Elvis4gold02: goodthing
Angelic Ann P: Hi Jen
CutieDancerJams: I bit his tonge while we were making out.
CoatrackFlirtJen: Hi AO
CutieDancerJams: On accident
CoatrackFlirtJen: *AP
Angelic Ann P: Benji, we already decided you had rabies, didn't we?
Elvis4gold02: yeahithinkwedid
CutieDancerJams: *giggles at ben*
CoatrackFlirtJen: I thought he had west nile
Angelic Ann P: THat too?
CutieDancerJams: Stop! *just had his blood in her mouth*
Angelic Ann P: Yeesh.
Elvis4gold02: canihavesomeice?shaesasysthatwillhelp
CutieDancerJams: Okay.
CutieDancerJams: Follow me
CutieDancerJams: *walks inside*
Elvis4gold02: *follows*
Elvis4gold02: *is embarassed*
CutieDancerJams: Go into my room so my parents don't see you
Elvis4gold02: okay
CutieDancerJams: *gets ice out of freezer and brings up to her room*
CutieDancerJams: Sit on my bed.
CutieDancerJams: Stick out your tonge
Elvis4gold02: *sits*
CutieDancerJams: *puts ice on tonge*
CutieDancerJams: *holds it there*
Elvis4gold02: thanks
Elvis4gold02: theresiceonmyshirt
CutieDancerJams: Sorry...*gets ice off of your shirt*
Elvis4gold02: byeAP
CutieDancerJams: Bye AP!
Angelic Ann P: Bye Benji
Angelic Ann P: Bye crazy girl also known as Jamie
Elvis4gold02: *meant to type blood*
Elvis4gold02: bye!
Angelic Ann P has left the room.
CutieDancerJams: Okay. Give me your shirt.
Elvis4gold02: *takes off his shirt*
Elvis4gold02: *really hopes your dad doesn't come in*
CutieDancerJams: *thinks that sounds wrong but takes it*
CutieDancerJams: Hold the ice on your tonge.
Elvis4gold02: ok
Elvis4gold02: *holds it*
CutieDancerJams: I'm going across the hall to wash your shirt in the sink.
Elvis4gold02: okay
CutieDancerJams: *goes to bathroom and runs cold water over stain to get the blood out*
Elvis4gold02: thanks
Elvis4gold02: don't worry about it
Elvis4gold02: it isn't that nice of a shirt
CutieDancerJams: It's okay. I can get the stain out.
CutieDancerJams: *gets stain out*
CutieDancerJams: *dries shirt with hair dryer*
beautiful belbin has entered the room.
CutieDancerJams: *brings back to room.
CutieDancerJams: Now put your shirt on before my dad comes in
beautiful belbin: hey hey hey
beautiful belbin: ????
Elvis4gold02: LOL!
Elvis4gold02: nice timing
Elvis4gold02: *puts shirt on*
Elvis4gold02: its not what you think
Elvis4gold02: she was cleaning the blood off for me
CutieDancerJams: Yes. I drew blood.
CutieDancerJams: ;-)
beautiful belbin: ohmygoodness. what exactly were you doing?
Elvis4gold02: umm
Elvis4gold02: well
CutieDancerJams: Making out while jumping on the trampoline at my parents house
beautiful belbin: interesting.;-)
CutieDancerJams: *blushes*
CutieDancerJams: Yeah

CutieDancerJams: Put the ice back on your tounge, Ben.
Elvis4gold02: okay
Elvis4gold02: *sits quietly with ice on his tounge*
CutieDancerJams: Aww...you're so cute!
Elvis4gold02: *tries to say thanks with ice on his tounge*
CutieDancerJams: *sits next to you with head on your shoulder*
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