Keri Lynn (keri_lynn_pratt) wrote in best_of_skaters,
Keri Lynn

lj KeriLynnPratt: Who wants to see Keri the Figure Skater?
JenRob797: Gwen you're not old
GoofyGwendal: with shae's coustumes.. keri the ice dancer
jenny skates02: i can find that figure skating outfit i gave you last night on accident, keri.
lj KeriLynnPratt: Okay. Everyone...hold on a sec.
lj KeriLynnPratt: *hops off to the changing room*
lj KeriLynnPratt: *returns in Shae's skating outfit* Viola!
lj KeriLynnPratt: *shows it off*
TangoPimpVic: nice
GoofyGwendal: Very nice indeed keri
GoofyGwendal: I hope shae doesn't mind
pair skater DP: whoa Keri;-)
lj KeriLynnPratt: She told me I could.
lj KeriLynnPratt: Gwendal, help me make this look good.
GoofyGwendal: *grabs keri and does simple lift*
lj KeriLynnPratt: *poses*
GoofyGwendal: *cartwheels keri out of lift*
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