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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
7:23 pm - American Idol to being dead to teenagers

American Idol talk.Collapse )

Divas.Collapse )

CoatrackFlirtJen: well my corn nuts were in a bowl and once I got hit with a baseball and they fell all on the ground

quirky khorky: stop with the freakin z!!!!!
Shelly Schez: What!!
Yulzzzz!!!Collapse )

alwaysalissa625: I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon. I will not talk about Brandon.

alwaysalissa625: Why doesn't anyone talk?
alwaysalissa625: Do I scare them?
The answer is BrandonCollapse )

Boys suck. Girls suck.Collapse )

JamminJMoney: I acted like a jackass and alissa was just..ugh!
JamminJMoney: ugh! i hate girls
quirky khorky: sob jordan
JamminJMoney: except for you ladies in here of course :-*

current mood: crazy

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
9:34 pm - This post has moved....

CutieDancerJams: I've had sex today.
shelin329: I've had sex today...twice.
Pair Skater DJP: I've had sex today too!

*moves this post to MBP*

current mood: devious

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
10:45 pm - Kinky Muffins
jamie_s Yes...you read the subject right.

CoatrackFlirtJen: *takes a bite out of her muffin and looks at it* omg it looks like Bran!
CutieDancerJams: You mean it has highlighted hair on it?
CoatrackFlirtJen: yes someone took a highlighter and coloured on my muffin!
CoatrackFlirtJen: and now it looks like bran!
CutieDancerJams: So...it looks like someone ran over it with a car and then tried to make it look normal but it didn't work? ;-)
CoatrackFlirtJen: yes exactly like that!
You won't believe how dirty this turns.Collapse )
Cue Brandon dying.

current mood: silly

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Friday, August 1st, 2003
11:44 am - I am afraid.
jamie_s CutieDancerJams: No. The world is not ready to see David Pelletier in pantyhose.
Pair Skater DJP: Who says i'd wear panyhose?
Pair Skater DJP: and who says I haven't before?

current mood: scared

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
4:43 pm - Fun with cows and beavers!
jamie_s Pair Skater DJP: you made my computer moo too!
CutieDancerJams: I made your computer moo?
Pair Skater DJP: yes, when someone sends me a message it moos
CutieDancerJams: That's so cool!
CutieDancerJams: I want my comptuer to moo!
Pair Skater DJP: mine is right now
CutieDancerJams: How did you get it to moo?
Pair Skater DJP: edit options to edit preferances, to im/chat, then click on sounds
CutieDancerJams: Okay
CutieDancerJams: YAY!
CutieDancerJams: Mine moos too!
Pair Skater DJP: it sounds like a dying cow
Pair Skater DJP: lol
CutieDancerJams: LOL! It does!
Pair Skater DJP: poor cow
Pair Skater DJP: *pets it*
CutieDancerJams: *pets the cow too*
Pair Skater DJP: I wonder if i'm allowed to adopt the cow?
CutieDancerJams: I don't know
Pair Skater DJP: I want to
CutieDancerJams: Me too!
Pair Skater DJP: the poor thing needs a good home
Pair Skater DJP: it could play on my hockey team!
CutieDancerJams: A hockey playing cow
CutieDancerJams: Could a beaver play on the team too?!
Pair Skater DJP: no
Pair Skater DJP: too small
CutieDancerJams: No, you have to let the beaver play
CutieDancerJams: That's discrimination
Pair Skater DJP: it's too small
CutieDancerJams: No it isn't!
Pair Skater DJP: yes it is!
CutieDancerJams: No no no!
Pair Skater DJP: the cow could sit in front of the goal and no one could score
CutieDancerJams: My beaver could slide around with the puck in it's teeth
Pair Skater DJP: the beaver would get skated over and die
CutieDancerJams: And slide around the cow in the goal
Pair Skater DJP: psh
CutieDancerJams: And score
CutieDancerJams: Psh

current mood: cow-ish

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
9:54 pm - what happens when Shane comes into chats?

DenCSkating has entered the room.
Read more...Collapse )

Of course I was kidding, sorry Isa i'm married;)

I love you Jamie.


current mood: dorky

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
12:46 am - Ben and I smoke crack!

Read more...Collapse )

We are odd, but Ben's the one who started it;)

current mood: optimistic

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
8:20 pm - Chat from June 17th
jamie_s *LMAO* This was so funny.

CoatrackFlirtJen: *takes Ben's sideburns and throws them out the window*
Say bye-bye to the sideburns!Collapse )

shelin329: i can read the pregnacny.com website again
Elvis4gold02: thanks Jamie
Elvis4gold02: oh god now
CutieDancerJams: Welcome Benjamin
Elvis4gold02: no*
CutieDancerJams: LOL!
Elvis4gold02: no more telling me that something is in my uterine wall
Elvis4gold02: that was scary
muffinboy79: pregnancy.com
muffinboy79: Dude..you have a uterine wall?

Elvis4gold02: hey Jamie. i don't even remember the last time someone called me benjamin
Benjamin..Collapse )

Elvis4gold02: whats wrong with bennie? thats what i was called when i was 7
CutieDancerJams: Case in point
muffinboy79: yeah dude but you were seven
7 year old BenCollapse )

CutieDancerJams: LOL, you were a player when you were 7
Little Bennie the playa!Collapse )

shelin329: Boys did have cooties
Cooties!Collapse )

CutieDancerJams: I wouldn't do that to him, don't worry.
Elvis4gold02: not that i was wearing them to begin with...
Ben put your pants on!Collapse )

Elvis4gold02: who thinks we should test my theory?
You don't want to know this theory.Collapse )

muffinboy79: *runs around room without pants*
Vic would be proud.Collapse )

CutieDancerJams: Oh my god! Am I pregnant?!
CutieDancerJams: ;-)
I'm having Igor's love child!Collapse )


current mood: bouncy

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Sunday, June 29th, 2003
12:44 am - Blame Dick - 06/29/03

This chat inspired a brand new song -

Angel Jamie Rae: Why do triple toes suck a lot?
Elvis4gold02: why do you ask so many questions?
shelin329: Because Dick Button made them that way?
theananabelle: mmmm Blame Dick - sounds good
Angel Jamie Rae: Blame Dick. We should write a song.
pats arch: when in doubt, blame Dick Button! hehe
AngNik01: LOL! Blame Dick :-)
theananabelle: Instead of Blame Canada - Blame Dick
Angel Jamie Rae: Because who wants to blame Canada anyway?
pats arch: exactly!

So without further ado I present:
Blame DickCollapse )

current mood: giggly

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Saturday, June 28th, 2003
10:27 pm - Psh.
jamie_s CutieDancerJams: Psh
Pair Skater DJP: psh psh
CutieDancerJams: no
CutieDancerJams: *takes your pshing power away*
Pair Skater DJP: no
Pair Skater DJP: shp
CutieDancerJams: *takes the letters p s and h out of your vocaubulary*
Pair Skater DJP: but t en I can't talk rig t *cries*
CutieDancerJams: *cracks up*
CutieDancerJams: This is funny!
CutieDancerJams: You sound like Ben after I bit his tongue!
Pair Skater DJP: you are mean
CutieDancerJams: Thank you
Pair Skater DJP: t at wasn't a com liment
CutieDancerJams: I'll give you your p, s, and h-es back if you promise not to use them together.
Pair Skater DJP: okay
CutieDancerJams: Say that you promise.
Pair Skater DJP: I romi e
CutieDancerJams: Good enough.
CutieDancerJams: *gives P, S, and Hes back*
Pair Skater DJP: merci beaucoup *kotc*
CutieDancerJams: *is kotc* You're welcome.

current mood: bouncy

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Friday, June 27th, 2003
1:15 pm - Davery Pelletier: The next Canadian Idol

Dave: 2+2=4
Dave: !
Vic: =-O David Jacques Pelletier you are a GENIUS!
Dave: I'm a modern Day Einstein
Vic: you're my new idol!
Dave: I should be on Canadian Idol
Vic: I'd be in the audience screaming "DAVEY I LOVE YOU!!!!"
Dave: and I'd be on stage and say "I love you Vicery"
Vic: and then I'd faint
Dave: I could sing LTS!
Vic: you should!
Dave: And Michael Jackson songs
Vic: you have to sing some Justin Timberlake for your number one fan
Dave: *sings* cry me a riiiiiiver
Dave: oh
Dave: Cry me a riiiver
Dave: oh Cry me a riiiiiver
Vic: *squeals* DAVERY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Dave: I love you Vicery and all my fans;-)
Vic: *jumps up and down* OMG! OMG! Davery loves me!!! *faints*
Dave: security!
Vic: *is still unconcious*
Dave: *pour water on your head*
Vic: *wakes up* ahh that was cold. OMG! OMG! it's Davery!!!!!
Dave: *gives you an autograph
Dave: *
Vic: Thank you Davery! I love you! *kotc*
Dave: I love you too man, but Security! This guy is scaring me!
Vic: Davery let me hang backstage with you. I promise i won't kiss you again
Dave: okay, makeout with Shae, but I got to sing. *sings*
Vic: *faints*
Dave: *stips*
Vic: that was hot!
Dave: I know
Dave: I am hot like that
Vic: do it again
Dave: *stips again*
Vic: *takes a picture
Dave: Security!
Vic: *hides camera*
Dave: psh

current mood: dorky

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Saturday, June 21st, 2003
1:35 pm - This is Dave. This is Dave on crack.
jamie_s CutieDancerJams: Oh, okay. *LMAO* My mouse mood icon is high!
CutieDancerJams: he's smoking crack!
Pair Skater DJP: are you dealing drugs to it?
CutieDancerJams: No!
CutieDancerJams: *bets you are*
Pair Skater DJP: it's smoking!
CutieDancerJams: I know!Q
Pair Skater DJP: Jamie!
CutieDancerJams: WHAT?!?
Pair Skater DJP: *is not smoking crack*
Pair Skater DJP: *just got done watching Barney*
CutieDancerJams: LOL, okay
Pair Skater DJP: *is scared of your mouse*
CutieDancerJams: *thinks her mouse is funny*
Pair Skater DJP: Barney would have to sing a song about how your mouse is doing something bad
Pair Skater DJP: *sings a sound like Barney would*
Pair Skater DJP: Smoking crack is wack
Pair Skater DJP: o
Pair Skater DJP: don't do it
Pair Skater DJP: or else you will have to die
CutieDancerJams: *thinks you are on crack*
Pair Skater DJP: and I will cry
Pair Skater DJP: and then say bye
Pair Skater DJP: and then i'll sigh
CutieDancerJams: *sings* I love Dave
CutieDancerJams: He loves me
CutieDancerJams: He's on crack
CutieDancerJams: Cant you see?
CutieDancerJams: With a great big puff
CutieDancerJams: And a kiss from me to you?
Pair Skater DJP: no
CutieDancerJams: Won't you say he smokes crack too?
CutieDancerJams: *FOCLMAO*

current mood: geeky

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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
9:16 pm - *does TMI*
jamie_s CutieDancerJams: God, we're on crack..
Angelic Ann P: Yes.
Angelic Ann P: You are.
CutieDancerJams: You know what that means?
Angelic Ann P: Very much so.
Angelic Ann P: I should be scared?
CutieDancerJams: No...
Elvis4gold02: wait
Elvis4gold02: what??
Angelic Ann P: Yes I should be!
CutieDancerJams: It means that Ben and I need to make out on the trampoline because I've never made out on a trampoline before!
TMICollapse )
CutieDancerJams: Put the ice back on your tounge, Ben.
Elvis4gold02: okay
Elvis4gold02: *sits quietly with ice on his tounge*
CutieDancerJams: Aww...you're so cute!
Elvis4gold02: *tries to say thanks with ice on his tounge*
CutieDancerJams: *sits next to you with head on your shoulder*

current mood: flirty

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Saturday, June 14th, 2003
10:43 pm

CutieDancerJams: Let's play shag the beaver!

current mood: amused

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3:54 pm

HI I LUV U AlL :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
6:35 pm - Tanith lurvin' from yesterday.

beautiful belbin (10:03:51 PM): what first comes to your mind when you think of gas?
Shelly Schez (10:04:08 PM): Car?
Shelly Schez (10:04:11 PM): *LOLZ*
beautiful belbin (10:04:15 PM): lol
beautiful belbin (10:04:27 PM): for me, it's dick butten
Why D Button?Collapse )

This is where we go big writing.

Shelly Schez (10:07:30 PM): Why do you lurve huge writing, eh?
beautiful belbin (10:07:37 PM): i have no idea
Shelly Schez (10:07:58 PM): Cuz it's sexy like Tanith?
beautiful belbin (10:08:28 PM): well, i don't know that i'm sexy:-[, but i like big things i guess
A conversation about two hot girls: Sasha and TanithCollapse )

beautiful belbin (10:18:44 PM): http://www.figureskatersonline.com/belbin-agosto/graphics/biography_tanithlittle.jpg
beautiful belbin (10:18:55 PM): there's one more...
Shelly Schez (10:19:01 PM): That's so cute! *pinches cheeks*
beautiful belbin (10:19:12 PM): http://www.figureskatersonline.com/belbin-agosto/graphics/biography_tanithlittle2.jpg :-[
I told y'all she was cute.Collapse )

current mood: giggly

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:08 pm - Sasha lurve from... 5-31-03

Shelly Schez (10:28:14 PM): :-D<-- I don't think this smiley is evil!
spiraling sasha (10:29:17 PM): it looks like it's on something
Shelly Schez (10:30:41 PM): It's grinning.
spiraling sasha (10:30:54 PM): it's happy!
spiraling sasha (10:30:55 PM): it's high on life
Shelly Schez (10:31:14 PM): It's high on Sasha.
We introduce the Sasha drug and it's effectsCollapse )

spiraling sasha (10:36:48 PM): ok that was so hard to read
Shelly Schez (10:37:04 PM): *lolz*
Shelly Schez (10:37:05 PM): :-D
Shelly Schez (10:37:21 PM): I wanted to try backwards writing.
spiraling sasha (10:37:44 PM): lol hooked on phonics couldnt even help me with that
1-800-ABCDEFGCollapse )

Yeah, a short one. *lolz*

current mood: high on the Sasha drug

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003
10:00 pm - 26th chat I saved. 2-9-03

This one sucked. I dunno why. Nothing funny except JJ giggling the whole chat! *lolz*

Ah never mind. Let's just do this.

JamierJams2: *giggles at shelly*
dancingmariediva: OOC
JamierJams2: *giggles just because she's in a giggly mood*
JamierJams2: *giggles*

JamierJams2: *giggles more and more and more*

JamierJams2: *giggles*
JamierJams2: *giggles*
JamierJams2: *giggles*
Shelly Schez: David's tryin' to look at something...
JamierJams2: *giggles*
JamierJams2: *giggles*
Shelly Schez: Stopperz.
JamierJams2: *giggles*

JamierJams2: Sorry everyone, I've got to go...*giggles lots*...I'm busy...yeah...*giggles* Bye!
JamierJams2 has left the room.
Shelly Schez: Oh God..
dancingmariediva: OOC
Shelly Schez: She gigglin' so much like a schoolgirl.
Shelly Schez: OOC
dancingmariediva: *hides from Jams*

current mood: blah

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
9:50 pm - Jamdon is having Bran's Children!

pair skater DP: Jamdon
CutieDancerJams: Doodle!
pair skater DP: I'm pregnant
CutieDancerJams: I just recited Antony's entire speah after Caesar's death in chat!
CutieDancerJams: Good for you.
pair skater DP: can you invite me in please?
CutieDancerJams: Psh. Now why would I do a thing like that?
CutieDancerJams: LOL...just kidding
CutieDancerJams: Hold on
pair skater DP: :-[
pair skater DP: I sware it is hate on Dave day today
CutieDancerJams: *loves you8
pair skater DP: *loves you*
pair skater DP: Jamie?
CutieDancerJams: Hm?
pair skater DP: will you marry me?
CutieDancerJams: Dave.
CutieDancerJams: There is a slight problem
CutieDancerJams: You are already married.
CutieDancerJams: And you think I am having Bran's child
pair skater DP: well you can marry me and have my child
CutieDancerJams: But it would be bran's biologically, wouldn't it?
pair skater DP: not exactly
CutieDancerJams: Okay. If Bran was its daddy...how could it not be?
pair skater DP: no, you could marry me, and have my kids
CutieDancerJams: Aren't you happy with Jae?
pair skater DP: yes
pair skater DP: but your her name twin
CutieDancerJams: So?
pair skater DP: that means you should have my babies
CutieDancerJams: Why would I have your babies when I could have Bran's?
pair skater DP: because I need babies to have a hockey team
CutieDancerJams: I'll donate babies too the cause. When I'm older
pair skater DP: and I wanted to see if you'd finally admit that you are going to have babies with Bran;-)
CutieDancerJams: PSH!
pair skater DP: O:-)
pair skater DP: *post in best_of _skaters*

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
11:34 pm

Keri Lynn The Figure Skater!Collapse )

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